The parties are playing a high-powered blame game


After a day of silence after the statement of the Ambassadors in Macedonia sent a message to the political parties for the immediate implementation of the Przhino Agreement. Today, participants from the working groups again started accusing each other of violating the agreement.

Antonio Milososki of the VMRO-DPMNE before the MPs Clubhouse in Skopje accused SDSM of
“deepening the political crisis, wanting to lose the recommendation for the European Union,and cause economic damage to the state” :

“We want to see constructive behaviour from the SDSM. We can not allow this political crisis to deepen. We think that the SDSM are doing this because they have a several goals. The first is the continuation and deepening of the political crisis, the second is to lose the recommendation for the European Union, while the third is to potentially cause economic damage to the state”, stated Milososki.

The Secretary General of SDSM, Oliver Spasovski, however, after Milososki said it was evident who was stalling negotiations. And he made an accusation that “VMRO-DPMNE would be the only culprit if Macedonia lose recommendation”:

“Regarding suggestions we have proposed during these talks, we ask no more than that provided by the Przhino Agreement nor accept anything less. About the Ministers and Deputy Ministers to be appointed, we do not want to govern together with VMRO-DPMNE, but be certain to create conditions for free and fair elections. VMRO-DPMNE will be the only culprit if Macedonia loses its recommendation”.

However, these statements by political factors are just excuses for the public, the parties and mediators in Macedonia know exactly who are stalling the Przhino Agreement, and where.

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