Parliaments votes “for” with 62 votes on the 2018 budget


Parliament, with 62 votes, without any votes against and without abstentions, passed the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia for 2018 tonight.

The budget for 2018 paints a picture of the economic and social policies of the Government, which are aimed at a stable economic growth, a better standard of living, a higher level of social justice, and efficient and household management of the citizens’ money, said Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski on the additional draft budget for 2018, in his opening to MPs in Parliament, where the plenary debate on the budget took place without the presence of the opposition.

Next year, Tevdovski expects an increase in private consumption, as well as exports, which, he said, will positively affect the situation in the economy and the growth by 3.2%.

“More funds are expected for the key pillars in society, higher salaries in health, education, the army, more money to meet the standards for NATO membership, and a restriction in the spending of unproductive spending is foreseen”, said Tevdovski.

In terms of capital investments, he announced intensification of the construction of infrastructure projects and explained that he would pay special attention to speeding up the gasification process, for the people to get cheaper heating and a cleaner environment.

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