In a plenary session, without a debate, Parliament, with 62 votes in favor, accepted the recommendation from the Commission for Procedural and Mandate-Immunity Issues to strip Nikola Gruevski of his immunity.

The court has requested that Gruevski be detained for election fraud in the “Titanic” case, for irregularities in the construction of highways in the “Trajectory” case, the demolition of the Cosmos building in the “TNT” case, for the unlawful financing of the party in  the “Thaler” case, as well as for the “Slaps” case in the Municipality of Centre.

MPs from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, whose honorary president is Gruevski did not attend the session. They also did not attend the session of the Commission for Mandatory and Mandatory Immunity Issues, which with five votes “for” adopted the six requests from the court to strip Gruevski of his immunity.

Nikola Gruevski fled Macedonia and was granted political asylum in Hungary.