In the Parliament hall, after 19:00pm emotions became high, when MPs from VMRO-DPMNE gathered around the rostrum opposing the Parliament Speaker, while they were shouting and creating chaos, Ilija Dimovski from VMRO-DPMNE took the card from the Paliament Speaker, then he called security, where most of all the present MPs from the opposition were gathered around the rostrum.

Before all the noise, Dragan Danev, the coordinator of one of VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary groups, asked for one hour break. After they carried on with their debate, shortly after 19:00, there was a remark with a procedural note when Zoran Ilioski asked for an hour break, because, as he said, they did not know how Parliament Speaker Xhaferi planed to conduct the session. Instead of doing something about that, Xhaferi asked MP Pavlince Cestojnova to come out and speak, while Ilioski and Dimovski were arguing in front of the rostrum, then Dimovski pulled Xhaferi’s card. After that he called out and then the MPs of VMRO-DPMNE gathered at the rostrum, demanding a break, while Vlatko Gjorcev was the loudest. Each of the parties kept their own views, and then Xhaferi gave them a 10-minute break.

Immediately afterwards, their discussion continued as before, with the security and MPs around the rostrum, where again a break was requested, then the MPs and especially Gjorcev, told Xhaferi that he was incorrectly conducting the session and that he was the first Parliament Speaker who in 70 years history called the police five times in the hall. Less than ten minutes later, however, Xhaferi called for the security for him to leave the hall and asked the MPs to return to their seats.