With 96 votes “for” and no MPs voted “against” the amendments to the Electoral Code, postponed the election, previously scheduled for June 5.

A new date has not been determined as amended.

The vote was preceded by a heated debate, which lasted for more than an hour and began by addressing the DUI MP Dzevad Ademi, who said today’s decision by the Constitutional Court, which is the first step in resolving the political crisis is a tribute to DUI which “again saves the state.”

Ademi urged the two major political parties, the VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM to come to their senses and to show responsibility, adding that otherwise the Albanians in Macedonia “have other alternatives.”

“With stubbornness, anger and defiance you have brought the country right to the edge. We cannot keep saving you, we are unable to pay the cost of your political irresponsibility and want to give you the knowledge that Albanians have other alternatives if you do not listen to our calls”, said Ademi.

MP, Peter Shilegov from the SDSM replied to this and said that DUI talks about one thing but does another and that with today’s vote to sack SDSM ministers the government has buried the Przhino Agreement.

“Between the two main political parties, there is no antagonism and animosity, but there is intolerance towards the criminal gang, and with what you are doing, you are protecting them, and you do not want to see Gruevski in Prison”, said Shilegov.

Ademi had replied and the Coordinator of the Parliamentary group VMRO-DPMNE Ilija Dimovski said that with those kinds of threats Ademi had crossed the line and had taken more steps than he needed to.

The Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group SDSM Goran Sugareski stated that they had submitted to Parliament a request for an authentic interpretation of the Law on Pardons and called on colleagues from other political groups to support it and to show that they are sincere when they say they intend to find a solution to the political crisis.

The discussion then continued into a back and forth argument between the SDSM – VMRO-DPMNE on who is to blame for the political crisis.