With the majority of votes (102), the Parliament dismissed the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva. The decision has to be verified by the Public Prosecutor’s Council which has scheduled a session for today afternoon.

The dismissal procedure began due to illegal activity and incompetence when she ended in detention as a suspect in the Racket case.

SDSM’s MP coordinator Jovan Mitreski said that SDSM as a party and MP group are decisive that justice has to be served to anyone who has broken the law. He accused VMRO-DPMNE and its’ party president Hristijan Miskoski that they work in accordance with directions provided by Nikola Gruevski in order to save accused former officials from their ranks.

He also said that in this manner, VMRO-DPMNE are blocking the country’s Euro-Atlantic processes.

-They want to destroy all investigations against them by all means necessary. With their behavior they are consciously working on undermining the country’s European integrations. Whether we shall be granted a date for negotiations depends from SPO’s status – said Mitrevski.

Ilija Dimovski, the President of the Committee for Elections and Appointments said that “each legal experiment, each legal madness ends this way and what you are trying to do these days will end in such manner”.

-Anytime the state doesn’t adhere to the Constitution, when the Parliament passes unconstitutional Laws, including myself, when the Constitutional Court doesn’t react that SPO is exiting the constitutional frames it will always end in this manner with minor or bigger consequences upon the legal system’s sensitive tissue – said Dimovski for whom the transfer of SPO’s cases to OJO is also a” legal madness, legal straying and experiment.”