The Ministry of Education’s (MON) official position on why schools have not been closed, despite the fact that most parents have not decided to send their children to school or kindergarten due to the following reasons.

According to “Meta” out in the field, in some of the classes in several municipalities in Skopje, only one-third of children are present at school.

The Ministry of Education say that they cannot make decisions regarding the closing down of schools, nor can they influence parents’ personal choice not to send their children to school. However, the did say that they were awaiting instructions from the Steering Committee on crisis management, as they are the central committee for crisis management.

Yesterday afternoon the Steering Committee responsible for crisis management held a further meeting concerning the recent series of earthquakes, and on their recommendation, the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Skopje (IZIIS) visited schools and kindergartens in Skopje.

In some schools, classrooms were declared off limits.

Some municipalities have already taken certain measures, as has the Mayor of Gorce Petrov, Sokol Mitrevski quickly gathered all the directors of the elementary schools and has called for a meeting. They reported that they have taken all appropriate measures provided for such emergencies.

“The schools have been equipped with evacuations notices (guidelines) showing children and staff which direction to move in the evacuation of the children and staff. Written notices have been hung in each classroom explaining to students and teachers what to do in case of an earthquake. Also, each school held two high-profile exercises where all students and teachers from schools.

Apart  from the elementary school “Dimitar Pop Georgiev Berovski” where there is some damage to the second floor of the school, and it was built in the last century in the 1950s, which will soon be renovated and repaired. Other schools in the city do not have damage that is threatening to students and personnel so lessons will continue as normal. The same situation applies to the buildings of kindergartens and nurseries”,  stated the Municipality of Gorce Petrov.