Over 1000 public administrative workers hired in accordance with the Framework agreement will be allocated to 237 state institutions

1 49 public administrative workers who were hired according to the Framework Agreement will be allocated in 237 state and local self-government agencies in North Macedonia, and if they refuse thе offered job position, they will be put to the transfer list of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration. If they refuse to work there, their agreement will be terminated.

This was stressed today by Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi at the press conference as he informed about the Government’s decision.

“Most of the public administrative workers are either economists, attorneys, or people with secondary education that will be allocated in 237 institutions, state or the local self-government agencies. Apart from Albanians, there are Macedonians, Rroma, Turks, Serbs, and Bosnians.

Among the institutions where the Framework public administrative workers will be allocated is the Employment Agency where 20 people will be allocated, the Food Agency – 10, Government – 12, State Archive – 12, State Statistical Office – 15, Office of the Procurator General – 74, Interior Ministry – 143, State Inspectorate -35, Foreign Affairs Ministry – 26, Public Revenue Office – 92, Customs -74, Finance ministry – 25, Ministry of Education and Science – Bureau for Education Development – 11, etc.