SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, at yesterday’s press conference, announced new tapped conversations, which, he said, reveal the true face of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

According to Zaev, Gruevski negotiated purchase of parcel Vodno, which is authenticated with the latest conversations between him and Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski.

  • Step one, March 21, 2013: Gruevski’s problems with ownership of the parcel incurred with the election of Zhernovski as mayor of the Municipality of Centar. He had to find ways to realize all that, while not causing public attention.
  • Step two, June 7, 2013: The first little drama which, according to the opposition, should cover up this crime, was the protests in the municipality. Under the excuse defending the church “St. Konstantin and Elena”, on June 7, 2013, a huge number of citizens protested in front of the building of the Municipality of Centar. Informal association of citizens “Veritas” accused Mayor Andrej Zhernovski that the amendments to the DUP for small ring and large ring, which includes restoring the green areas, the municipality would prevent construction of the church “St. Konstantin and Elena”. After few days, the situation calmed down.
  • Step three, October 15, 2013: At the airport in Vienna, president of the Council of the Municipality of Centar Miroslav Shipovik was arrested. He, as Chairman of the Board of “Mashinopromet” is suspected of abuse of power and authority, act in which were involved several people as collaborators, while the state budget was damaged for one million euros.
  • Step four, May 23, 2014: Shipovik was released from custody with bail.
  • Step five, July 19, 2014: Just two months later, on July 19, 2014, the urban plans of the Municipality of Centar for Tasino cheshmiche and Kapishtec were adopted. They were passed with 11 votes “for” from the councilors of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition. “Against” voted only the chairman of the Council Miroslav Shipovik, while opposition councilors and Mayor Andrej Zhernovski, in protest, previously exited the session.
  • Step six , March 3, 2015: According to Zaev, it is the reason for the anxiety in VMRO-DPMNE after Andrej Zhernovski won the local elections in the Muncipality of Centar. This is complemented by the events with the riots in front of the municipal building and the detention of President of the Municipal Council Miroslav Shipovik.
  • Step seven, March 15, 2015: At the press conference on March 15, Zaev said that in order for Gruevski to get a parcel on the desired location, the detailed urban plan for Tasino cheshmiche was changed, in which were added housing estates worth more than five million euros. He said that the owner of those parcels is the firm of Orce Kamchev, “Kara” and offshore company “Exico”. In another location, by changing DUP Kapishtec-Vodno, land was converted from category vegetation without stamps to a construction area of 11,000 square meters and received three construction stamps.
  • Step eight, March 23, 2015: According to what Zaev said, this period coincides with the insistence of Gruevski to buy the parcel on Vodno with more than 11,000 square meters at any cost.

In the conversation, Gruevski insists the land to be converted in construction land, according to the GUP, and to do so quickly, because, as it is heard on the recordings, there is already a buyer.

  • NG: Let’s convert it as I told you, you know.
  • MJ: Yes, but it is done that way.
  • NG: So I will sell it immediately. I already have a buyer.
  • MJ: It is done, general, I told you. It is registered as general.
  • NG: So it’s general, OK.
  • MJ: Yes, I told you that it is already done.
  • NG: Because this one canceled, there is no other, but I know there was a long project somewhere.

Ten days ago, Zaev published conversations of Gruevski for which he claimed that they prove that the Prime Minister makes all efforts for the parcel on Vodno he wants to buy.