The arguments for and against are being discussed, but the central presidency of DUI has yet to be summoned, and talks will continue tomorrow, said party’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani to new crews that were in front of the party’s headquarters in Mala Rechica.

“Ahmeti is continuing with consultations and we concrete decisions have not yet been made. We are analyzing all options for and against it, as we know the importance of this decision. The situation is delicate, the deadlines are short and we will continue with consultations the following day. For each of these options, there are arguments that are put on the table and in the past few days, we have been discussing them. The consequences of these options will be analyzed, but most importantly are the citizens’ interests”, said Osmani, explaining that at Mala Rechica talks are being held between the president of DUI and the vice presidents of the party.

He explained that the party’s central presidency will be summoned when they have suggestions that will contribute to any final decisions.

“We are aware of the deadlines, the whole situation, and we need to find a solution to achieve political stability, but firstly, it is important that the decision is a good one, rather than on time”, said DUI’s spokesperson, adding that they know the deadline is closing in, however, they are looking at all arguments to make the right decision for the country’s future.

The party has to make a decision whether it will enter into a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, where they will both form the new government. The deadline that Gruevski received with the mandate to form a government, expires on Sunday.