The next few hours will be crucial in deciding the outcome of the negotiations between Macedonia and Greece. I think it’s too early to tell what kind of outcome there will be, however, I do believe that these are the last meters in this 25-year long marathon, and in most cases, it’s the last meters that are most critical, said Bujar Osmani, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs, at today’s press conference.

He says that both sides have the will to close this issue and that the two governments are actively engaged.

“I feel that there are more differences in the interpretation of what’s written than in general principles. All our friends from the international community are encouraging us, assisting us, and are trying to ease the process. This is an ideal opportunity to close this issue, which will open up the process for NATO and the EU. I ask for understanding and caution during these last but critical steps, as it is very easy to lose sight and lose ourselves in the negotiations and our emotions. So we need to be cautious and see what the outcome will be in the upcoming period”, said Osmani.