Out of the 73 prepared measures, in the first part of “3-6-9” plan, 34 measures have been implemented so far, more than 30 measures are ongoing, and several of the measures are delayed, Government stated. Today, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bujar Osmani announced this before the beginning of the 36th meeting of the Working Committee for European Integration (RKEI), which was held after a break of several years, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European affairs.

He pointed out that there are delays in other departments, such as the Ministry of Interior, which has not yet started with the preparation of the new draft-law for witness protection and there are still no exact shared responsibilities with the Ministry of Justice.

According to Osmani, there is a delay in the institutions that are outside of Government’s authority, i.e. Parliament, where the so-called Inclusive discussion hasn’t started yet on the selection of a model for the system reform for monitoring communications, and also they are late in electing a member of the Constitutional Court whose mandate expires.

Osmani answered a journalist question, saying that he expects the Law on the Use of Languages, which has been submitted to Parliament, to be placed on the agenda for MPs, on September 13th, and should receive support from all political parties.