OSCE/ODIHR will monitor elections with more than 300 observers


The Mission Office for OSCE for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) today officially began its observation mission for the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 11.

The mission consists of a main team of 14 experts and 20 long-term observers which will be be organized throughout the country in teams of two, starting from November 9.

ODIHR will ask the OSCE participating that the member states provide 300 short-term observers who will monitor the process on election day.

The mission is led by Tana De Zalueta, who has already met with members of the State Election Commission and representatives of the Foreign Ministry. In the upcoming period OSCE representatives will meet with political parties, civil society groups and the media.

“Our mandate is to monitor and assess the election campaign and on election day. The number of observers is high and allows us to have a good analysis of the electoral process”, said De Zulueta.

She added that the observers from OSCE will be neutral and that if there are any serious security situations, they will highlighted and noted, however the resolution of these situations is the Government’s job.

De Zulueta concluded that political will for going ahead with elections appears to be unanimous.

When asked by reporters whether OSCE / ODIHR had the authority to not recognize the election results, she said that they have no mandate for it and will leave it to the authorities decide.

OSCE will publish their final report next year, approximately eight weeks after the election.

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