Orav tweeted: Tomorrow is the last chance for the parties to come to an agreement


EU Ambassador Aivo Orav through his official “Twitter” account told political parties that tomorrow, together with MEPs Richard Howitt, Ivo Vajgl and Eduard Kukan will have to come to a final agreement on early parliamentary elections.

“The Ambassadors of the EU states have discussed the situation. The parties have to find a solution; tomorrow is their last chance to do so, with MEPs Vajgl, Howitt and Kukan”, tweeted Aivo Orav.

Orav has been in Brussels for the last week, and as we have discovered in Skopje, he will return in two weeks.

MEPs Vajgl, Kukan and Howitt tonight will travel to Skopje and will attempt to bring the ruling party and the opposition together to find a solution for the election date.

Their visit comes two days after the EU and the US agreed that currently there are no conditions for holding early elections on April 24, and after the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE’s decision to stop participating in the negotiations where Belgian expert Peter Vanhoutte will mediate.

Today, VMRO-DPMNE argued that international officials offered no hard evidence that there is no conditions for elections in April.

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