Opposition submitted new recordings to the prosecution


Five members of the senior leadership of the opposition submitted materials of their tapped conversations today to the Public Prosecutor on, as it claims, a directive of the Government, and as an extension of the criminal charges for unauthorized wiretapping which SDSM filed several weeks ago.

Professor and candidate for president of SDSM in the last presidential election, Stevo Pendarovski, expressed hope that the evidence submitted by him and NSDP leader Tito Petkovski, vice president of SDSM Radmila Sekerinska, Mayor of Municipality of Centar and recent LDP leader Andrej Zhernovski and SDSM Secretary Oliver Spasovski, will not suffer the fate of the previous criminal charges, for which so far “nobody has an idea what is happens to it.”

– Because we all legalists, we want to believe that the institutions in the country will finally dare and act upon criminal charges for a massive crime against human rights, tapping of thousands and thousands of citizens of this country, without any reason. We have no faith in the people who currently run this institution (prosecution), but we believe that all the rest, among who, there are professionals, experts, virtuous people, this time will not be quiet and, in the interest of our common better future, will act upon the charges – stated Pendarovski.

According to Pendarovski, illegal tapping was misused by the Government for political purposes.

– The purpose for which they tapped us is to find out our political strategies and intentions. Otherwise, you know when somebody is eavesdropped? When there is reasonable doubt that we are criminals or are a criminal organization. As you know, none of us has ever been involved in drug or arms trafficking, or was part of a mafia organization. There is no basis me or my colleagues to be tapped. The only motivation was political – to gain some advantage for elections before and after them – said Pendarovski.

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