The eight amendments in the Law on Audio and Audio-Visual Media Services were on today’s agenda at the Commission for Transport, Communications and Ecology at the Parliament. These changes help regulate the re-broadcasting of program services of domestic and foreign radio broadcasting on part of the operators. The Legal amendments actually allow the operators to broadcast television channels in a certain way and under conditions determined by Article 143 of the Law i.e. with regulated copyrights and image rights with the TV broadcasting services.

In the meantime, the telecom operators had a meeting today with President Stevo Pendarovski. During the meeting, the representatives informed the President of their opinions regarding the putting the draft law for amendments of the Law on Audio and Audio-Visual Media Services proposed by a group of MPs on the 27th of January in a parliamentary procedure.

The telecom operators presented their facts and opinions at the meeting i.e. why they disagree with the proposed changes” states the press release issued by the presidential cabinet.

Taking into account the complexity of the situation, President Stevo Pendarovski will also be having a meeting tomorrow with the representatives of the Macedonian Media Association of Private National Televisions in order to be acquainted with their opinion of the situation, informs the presidents cabinet.