The Union representing staff in the judiciary and civil associations and administration throughout Macedonia, known as UPOZ, today issued an open letter to Prime Minister Emil Dimitiriev, in which it was pointed out that the current situation with court administration staff being on strike, illegal activities against the strikers have been carried out.

UPOZ wants Prime Minister Dimitiriev to instruct the Minister of Justice, and all other responsible legal authorities that such actions are unlawful and in violation of various international conventions.

“We think they should be held accountable and resign because they did nothing to prevent the strike, and its a strike with an uncertain conclusion. Because for 56 days, the judiciary, one of the three powers under the Constitution does not function, once again we urgently ask for a meeting with you to find a solution, finally, to the strikers requests.” the letter reads.

The Union of Workers for administration staff of the judicial authorities, and civil associations of the Republic of Macedonia reminded everyone that on June 3, they requested a meeting with the Prime Minister, so as to become familiar with their proposal for resolving the situation, however, such a meeting never took place.