Today is exactly one year after the leader of VMRO-DPMNE , recent Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in an address to the nation (on January 31, 2015) revealed that foreign intelligence services were involved in an attempted coup in the country. Now, again he repeated it in at the speech he gave to the Union of Women of the party, after months of keeping quiet, he decided to play the same card again, and has returned to the ‘Foreign Services’ card, which, according to him, through SDSM, they tried to crush VMRO-DPMNE and  to destabilize Macedonia.
Gruevski as the main man who gave the orders and was behind the “Tapping” affair and “suspected” foreign services straight after the “Putsch” case and just before the publication of the opposition’s “bombs”.
Foreign forces were the regular rhetoric for Gruevski and his party’s representatives in reaction to the press conferences of the opposition, which they were holding and publishing wire-tapped conversations in the months when the political crisis was getting even more tense, and then on the scene appeared the International Community or the European Union and the United States, and all of sudden such rhetoric fully disappeared from Gruevski’s narrative, up until yesterday.
However, this time Gruevski accused “the foreign service and state” of being the ones who attempted a coup in the country.
He first mentioned foreign offices on 31 January last year when the Ministry of Interior under the management of Gordana Jankulovska, filed criminal charges against Zoran Verushevski, Zoran Zaev and four other people in the case known as “Putsch”.
In his speech to the public, the same day Gruevski said that the defendants in the “Putsch” case worked with foreign intelligence services and the Public Prosecution were openly asking how did they do the wire tapping?