There will be another continuation of the Parliament’s constitutive session during which the MPs will have to discuss the election of members and a president of the Commission for elections and assigning, and a president of the Parliament.

Over the weekend, the parties were exchanging accusations and counter- accusations on the subjects of morning frost and the damages to the agriculture, the building of the new Clinic center and the new government.

In previous prolongations, VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs have led the discussions by themselves while SDSM remained inactive, and with each new announcement or press conference they are announcing “a quick formation of a government.”

Also, on Friday, the civil initiative “For a United Macedonia” joined Gruevski’s party with its calls for new early elections.

DUI directly demanded that “the Macedonian parties to make an agreement for a solution of the crisis” and often there is unconfirmed information about apparent direct meetings between Zaev and Gruevski.
There are no indications that the usual scenario with ripostes and procedural comments in the Parliament will change.