As with September, a total number of 132.527 apartments were put under mortgage which is 12.2% of the total number of 1.084.534 registered apartments in our country, show the data taken from The Registry of Prices and Real Property.

On top of the list of cities with the biggest number of apartments under mortgage is Skopje where out of 317.074 apartments, 64.301 are mortgaged or 20.2%.

This is followed by Negotino where 19.06% of the apartments mortgaged and the third city on the list is Gevgelija where 16.43% of the apartments are under mortgage.

The website of some of the major banks such as Stopanska Banka Skopje , NLB Banka и Komercijalna Banka indicate that most often the apartments that are mortgagde end up on the market as confiscated property for issued loans. The offers by some of the banks is such that they are becoming a serious competition to real estate agencies.