30% of high school students do not discuss their sexual and reproductive period, 35% do not know what this period represents and 55% have no appropriate conditions at schools to manage their menstrual health. This was shown by the polls implemented by the civic organization “Journalists for Human Rights”. The results were presented today during the event that took place at the Biser shopping mall’s plateau where the Menstrual Hygiene Day was marked.

Natasha Dokovska of “Journalists for Human Rights: stressed that this day is marked in order to influence the educative contents regarding menstrual health.

Professor Daniela Nikolova said it’s humiliating that 15% of the girls use newspapers instead of sanitary napkins, while 90% of girls living in rural areas miss school during the days of their menstrual cycle.

“This shows that poverty, prejudices are all around us. We can transform our problems into reasonable desires and it will become a motive to start an action. It is inadmissible for young people to be devoid of information concerning their health. It is inadmissible for young girls not to have any information about menstrual health” said Nikolova.