The Constitutional Court will hold their first session after the summer holidays, on Wednesday, where according to the judges, should make the final decision on Article 175 of the Law on Electronic Communications, that is, whether the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence is allowed to wiretap through telecommunication operators.

The initiative to abolish Article 175 of the law was accepted by the Constitutional Court at a session held on June 21st of this year. It caused a long and heated debate, in which all nine members of the Constitutional Court state their views.

The majority of judges at the session expressed doubt that as the Law was regulated, through articles 168 and the questionable 175, UBK and the Ministry of Interior were allowed arbitrary and uncontrolled interception of communications through telecommunication operators.

if there is a vote on Wednesday, the Constitutional Court will make the final decision in a shortened composition because Judge Ismail Darlisha’s mandate expired on July 31st after nine-years, and his successor has not yet been appointed to Parliament. On October 7st, the mandate of judges Gaber-Damjanovska and Gzime Starova expire.

The abolition or amendment of Article 175 is one of the recommendations from the report by the German expert Reinhard Priebe in 2015, but also in the new recently announced.