Sixty-six NGOs on Thursday, at 18:00 in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia will organize a protest, where they will demand that the President of Parliament and the entire assembly move the elections until all requirements are met.

“There are no conditions to organize regular, reliable and fair elections on June 5, nor is there enough time to create the necessary conditions. The electoral roll has not been cleansed, there is still intimidation, blackmail and pressure on citizens continues, officials have not stopped to abuse their positions within the institutions in the interest of the party, and the media are far from fair and balanced reporting”, said civil society organizations.

Instead of more democracy, the rule of law and a clearer separation of power, civil societies say there has been setbacks in these processes through  unilateral and unconstitutional decisions to delay the dissolution of Parliament, and a scandalous act of enabling amnesty of electoral fraud by the Constitutional Court, and controversial decisions by the Criminal and the Court of Appeals in connection with investigations of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

“Macedonia is risking everything to enter into a new, more dangerous anti-democratic abyss, and again our political will, will be forged and raped. Therefore, the election on June 5 must be cancelled, and cannot be held. Parliament headed by its President should immediately see this risky situation in which the country urgently needs to postpone elections until minimum conditions are fulfilled which are necessary for them to be regular, clean and fair. Otherwise, if elections o take place , there is nothing else left but to actively boycott the criminal, rigged and in advance and stolen elections “, said categorically the civil societies.