DUI’s Central Presidency will hold a debate today between two options, one for taking part in the new government, and the other for support of a minority government, said DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani.

He said that the most important obstacle – the Law for the use of languages – was surpassed and that stance was adjusted between DUI and SDSM.

When asked by a journalist what the option a support of the minority government means and whether that means unstable parliamentary majority in the Parliament, Osmani replied that DUI will give its support at the Parliament in order for that government to be formed, but it won’t participate in the central government with its ministers and members as part of the executive power.

-We aren’t reinventing the wheel with this because the option for supporting a minority government is present in more countries in Europe – said Osmani.

According to him, the goal of this option is to clear out all doubts that one might have regarding DUI’s work so far, because, as he said, DUI is not only a political party, but it’s a movement as well.

When another question was posted by a journalist regarding Zoran Zaev’s statement that SDSM will have DUI’s signatures for forming a government, Osmani said that they still haven’t brought a decision whether to grant those signatures to SDSM, because officially, it’s up to Ahmeti to decide about that.

Osmani stressed that a decision will not be made today, and the debate will continue in the forthcoming days.
Most likely, the decision will be made on Monday.