UN High Commissioner for Human Rights today expressed deep concern over the political impasse in which Macedonia is trapped and its impact on human rights.

Spokeswoman of the Commissioner Cécile Pouilly today in Geneva said that the High Commissioner was “particularly disturbed” by the content of the recently released recorded conversations that incriminate senior representatives for a number of human rights violations, including election fraud, harassment, pressure on the judiciary and the media, as well as massive wiretapping.

The High Commissioner is also concerned about allegations of espionage brought against opposition leader Zoran Zaev.

– We urge the authorities to start fast, independent, thorough and impartial investigation of all allegations of violations of the law, regardless of their source, and provide the results to be available to the public – Pouilly said, urging the authorities to hold accountable those responsible for all that investigation will show that they violated the law and human rights.

Pouilly noted that it is especially important in such an unstable political environment to ensure the independence of the judiciary, to respect the rule of law, freedom of expression, as well as international standards for fair trial and court proceedings.

The High Commissioner called on political parties to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve the political crisis and to ensure full respect of human rights.