The association of activism “Ohrid SOS” actualizing the case with planting palm trees in Ohrid, mentions that this species is not indigenous for the whole area of Macedonia.
From the “Ohrid SOS” note that the study analyzed the effects of the introduction of non-indigenous kind of Palm on the community of invertebrates in Southern California.

– It has been compared with willow and non-indigenous palm. The results showed that in the crown of the palm predominantly spiders and other arachnids lived, while in the crown of willow much more diverse population lived. Just a reminder, a few days ago hairy palms were planted along the river bank in Ohrid and Skopje and in the cities of Struga and Prilep. Type which is non-indigenous for the whole area of Macedonia. We want to openly ask if they have ever made such a study on the impact on the environment and local ecosystems by introducing greater number non indigenous kind of trees!? What will the far-reaching consequences be? – Asked the concerned association.

They say they are aware of the existence of numerous problems that bother this city, but within their activist work is also caring for the environment.

– We agree that there are much bigger problems and more serious environmental threats in the
country. But until now, “nobody pays attention to the professional public” nor did anyone ask, because we haven’t reacted to any destruction of the environment – no matter how small or big. It is a shame that detailed assessments of the consequences are not made. It is a shame that the opinion of experts is not considered. And a real shame is that there are no open discussions with the population that lives there – the association stated.