Prosecutors to prosecute organized crime and corruption, under which jurisdiction is the investigation of the police action in Kumanovo, is still expecting official autopsy reports on the to killed members of the security forces and the terrorist group, according say representatives from prosecution for META.

With the letter in response to our questions, “How many people died during the action? How many police officers? How many members of the terrorist group? Whether the competent public prosecutor ordered an autopsy of the bodies of the killed members of the security forces and, if h did, was the order enforced? “, the Prosecution confirmed that there were total of 18 people killed, not 22, according to earlier information from the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

– Basic Public Prosecution for organized crime and corruption conducted extensive investigation procedure on recent developments in the police action in Kumanovo. The official autopsy reports on the deceased persons – eight members of the security forces and ten members of the terrorist group – are currently expected, replied the prosecution.

The information of the Prosecution doesn’t specify whether and when the autopsy on the bodies of the killed members of the security forces was performed, because they were buried a day after they were killed.

On Sunday, 10th of May, in their hometowns in the Polog region, with military honors, were buried Sasho Samojlovski and Zharko Kuzmanovski from Brvenica, while Nenad Serafimovski was buried in Gostivar village Zubovce.

The member of the unit for quick deployment and action Isamedin Osmani was also burred the same day.

The next day, 11th of May, were buried Boban Ivanovik, Goran Stojimenovik, Ljubisha Arangelovik and Goran Ilievski.

According to the public prosecution, the review of the competent prosecutor in Kumanovo Divo naselje, where firefights between police and terrorists raged, was carried out on Sunday, 10th of May.