Janeva’s Assistant Prosecutors did not appear to take the Oath of Office


The seven Assistant Prosecutors of the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva did not appear today to give their oath of office. The Ceremony with the Council of Public Prosecutors therefore was not held. The meeting was scheduled for 11:00 am with the Council of Public Prosecutors, however none of the selected seven Assistant Prosecutors appeared neither did the Special Prosecutor herself.

The President of the Council of Public Prosecutors, Peter Anevski said that the session would not be held that morning, around 10:30 am, he received a letter from the Minister of Justice Adnan Jashari, from the four political parties, urging the Council of Public Prosecutors to hold a session and elect the remaining seven prosecutors.

“At 11 am, we submitted the same letter to Katica Janeva, asking her to consider its contents and address the Council with a letter to request a session. If tomorrow Ms Janeva does request a session, we will act accordingly”, said Mr Anevski.

Asked if this means that they will choose the other seven prosecutors Mr Anevski not give a precise answer and said that it depends on how the other Council members would vote. He said that tomorrow at 10:00 am they have a scheduled session, where they will discuss the matter amomg other issues, but if the Special Prosecutor schedules a meeting, the agenda will be looked at again regarding the remaining seven prosecutors.

As an explanation of the decision last week, Anevski again cited the difficult situation in which the Public Prosecutor’s Office was in, which, according to him, has been working in difficult conditions and has a shortage of staff and resources.

He said that the only possible way out of this situation is by changing the Law on election of public Prosecutors and Judges, or restoring the old legal solution. As to the question why he hadn’t responded to the situation in the Prosecution’s Office, the President of the Council said that it would take up to three years and they had responded by correspondence to the competent institutions and the situation was highlighted in the annual reports.

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