Stand behind your words and show up at the Parliament tomorrow, put the topic for vote and finally adopt it. Stop lying to us as we are small children – said the members of the civic association Initiative O2 to MPs of the ruling coalition after the proposal for banning the import of waste used as fuel didn’t pass as point in the agenda.

The changes of the Law of Waste Management proposed by DOM with which a ban was supposed to be introduced on import of waste as fuel wasn’t even put for a vote at the parliamentary session last Wednesday even though during the debate by the committee there weren’t any objections neither by the ruling party nor the opposition.

“We found out the reason why later as SDSM party had requested additional consultations because the country is a signer of the Basel Convention and according to SDSM’s MP group coordinator, Jovan Mitreski all agreements have been concluded on the principle of reciprocate which is not true” O2 Initiative members were categorical.

They claim that the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning led by Deputy minister Jani Makraduli are manipulating the general public by using intimidation. If we ban the import of waste as a source of energy, the dangerous waste from OHIS will remain in our yard and we will not be able to export it.