You are the voice of the people and that is why we plea that you pass the draft-changes in the Law on Waste Management that will ban the waste import that is burned in our country, appealed today the O2 initiative to the Macedonian MPs at the today’s session at the Parliament where on the agenda is the draft change of the Law on waste Management, by way of summary procedure.

As they were explaining why they were requesting a support from legal amendments proposed by DOM MPs, O2 reminded that with this amendment no import of waste will be allowed that will be used as a source of energy which is also one of the requests issued by “Zelen front” (The Green Front), a group of environmental organizations, that this winter had been organizing protests against the pollution. It submitted a list with requests to the government in order to deal with the numerous environmental problems in the country.

“The main beneficiary of imported waste is cement plant Usje, and Feni, which are big industries that are using the waste in a legal manner. During the process of waste burning, all sorts of cancerous materials, mutagens, toxic dioxins, heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, thallium, arson, chrome and lead. The latest occurrences in Bulgaria only confirm the basis why we are requesting a ban on waste import as a source of energy. Organized criminal structures are trading with waste where the data and the laboratory results have been forged” stated O2’s plea.

O2 state that we cannot trust the industries that are presenting the general public their own measures of emissions of polluting substances.

We have no control over the waste that is imported, we have no information of what exactly is entering our country and we have no knowledge of what is discharged and in what quantities during its burning” claim the O2 Initiative activists in their plea today.