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Energy efficiency and production of electricity from solar energy are an unreachable reality for most Macedonian homes, and part of the people in North Macedonia are facing a problem meeting the most basic needs from the previous century – drinking water, sewage and electricity. The State Statistical Office (SSO) published the latest data from the census carried out in the country last year.

Out of 839.174 homes, in 34.277 homes either in individual houses or buildings, there are no plumbing installations. Despite 91.4% of the Macedonian households using drinking water from the public water supply, the remaining 8.6% of the households manage their way by using fountains in the yards, wells, public fountains, water carts or using bottled water.

Regarding the basic living conditions, last year’s census showed that 7.2% of the homes in the country i.e. 60,807 don’t have a sewage system i.e. they aren’t connected to a public sewage system or their own septic tank.

Even 8.2 % of Macedonian homes i.e. 68,865 homes don’t have toilets while 57,287 homes don’t have kitchens according to the result of the census. Almost 9% of the living hoods don’t have baths in the same home or outside.

In the 21century, out of 839174 homes in Macedonia, 37,409 or 4.5% of the homes in the country, don’t have electrical installations.

The results of the census point to worrisome data about the use of renewable sources of energy and the energy efficiency of the buildings in the country.

Last year’s census showed that out of 533659 buildings only 182274 have an energy-efficient facade that is allowing energy spending savings which represent 34.2% of the total number of buildings. Most of them i.e. 65.8% of the buildings in Macedonia don’t have energy-efficient facades.

Regarding the use of sunlight for the production of electricity, only 88491 individual houses and apartments in collective buildings have installations for solar collectors or a modest 11.1 % of the apartment units in the country. As opposed, the results from last year’s census state that 88.9% of Macedonian homes don’t have an installation for solar collectors.

Additionally, 4774 apartments have the necessary installation for the production of electricity from the sun, but the people don’t use it for the production of electricity.

The statistical data from the census show that even most of the apartments in the country don’t have air conditioners nor have a central heating installation which represents 71.4% of the total number of homes. Only 101579 apartments are connected to a central heating public network i.e. a modest 12.1% of the living hoods. Also, 545831 apartments don’t have air conditioning or 65 % of the total number of homes.

The data about the conditions that the Macedonian citizens live in were published by the State Statistical Office i accordance with the Program for publishing and dissemination of data of the Census of the population, households, and apartments in the Republic of North Macedonia, 2021. Today a 4th set of data was published.


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