North Macedonia: COVID-19 epidemic isn’t postponing the census, 40.397 persons from the Diaspora evidenced in the application


Until this morning at 8:50 am, a total of 40 397 persons from the Diaspora were evidenced in the self-evidencing application for the census by the State Statistical Office -SSO, of North Macedonia. The number of registered persons is growing each day and SSO informs that every day they are monitoring the process and are communicating with the North Macedonian emigrants on a daily basis.

“The problem with the late response for completing the application form was overcome and the application is functioning without a problem. The self-evidencing or one person takes only 10 minutes and is not complicated at all,” informs the SSO.

The Health Minister Venko Filipche stated today that for now, the worsening of the situation with the COVID-19 will not postpone the implementation of the census that is scheduled for the period between 1 and 21 April this year.

When asked by a journalist whether he will request a postponement of the census because of the current situation with the coronavirus, at the press conference, Filipche said that at the moment this option is rejected.

“Not for now. We want to subdue this trend of increased inflow of patients into the hospitals,” said Filipche.

He also said that regarding new measures and other recommendations when it comes to prevention of the coronavirus spreading so far no new recommendations were provided by the Infectious Diseases Commission.

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