No, the Cesna did not crash because of the plane carrying Tsipras!


Speculation from the Bulgarian news portal “BulNews” that the “Cesna” plane that crashed near Solunska Glava which killed a family of four from Bulgaria, crashed because it was not allowed to land in Skopje due to the flight of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, was denied by the relevant services in Macedonia, by Bulgarian experts, but also by the very fact, that the “Cesna” flight and the plane of the Greek Prime Minister were not flying at the same time. Otherwise, claims made by this portal were also shared by some of the Macedonian media.

However, after the Macedonian side made their denials, ie the director of M-NAV, Nikolce Tasevski, that the pilot, 47-year-old businessman Georgi Boshnakov was allowed to land at the Skopje airport, but he still decided to go with the variation to continue to Sofia yesterday, BulNews continued with speculation saying that the denials did not prove anything, and that the “iron” (“secure”) source of the M-NAV portal claims that this is true. But the portal, for both articles did not offer any proof that he really talked with someone from M-NAV, he may have talked with someone, but he does not give any assurances that he spoke to someone who is really employed in the Macedonian navigation service.

Additionally, “BulNews” claims regarding the plane carrying Tsipras are absolutely not true, because as published in various media outlets, Tsipras went to Athens around midnight after he and his wife had dinner with Zoran Zaev and his wife at “Kamnik”, while the plane carrying Boshnov, his wife and their two daughters had crashed in the afternoon.

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