With 35 votes “For” and 47 “Against”, without any abstentions, the proposal from the opposition to start the procedure for accountability of the President Gjorgi Ivanov was rejected after five sittings.

For the proposal to be accepted, and to initiate proceedings to establish accountability of the President, there would need to be a two-theirs majority or 82 MPs of the 123 MPs to vote for the dismissal of Ivanov as President.

During the discussion, MPs from the VMRO-DPMNE assessed that the initiative submitted by the opposition, as unfounded, and the SDSM and the DUI expressed their position that the President must be held accountable for the 56 pardons he had granted officials and their associates, and should resign.

In 2014, the President, Gjorgi Ivanov at the presidential elections won by 534,910 votes.