Дивата депонија на линдан во месноста Пеленица близу Драчево беше оградена во 2019 година, но други активности за нејзина санација за сега не се најавени | Фото: Мета.мк

The examination of the soil at Pelnica near Drachevo, a potential depot for the dangerous chemical lindane from OHIS, will not start this year. The Ministry of Environment said that they haven’t created a budget for analyses at the location, but they are working on providing funds through donors.

Pelenica is the fourth depot of this toxic substance when, apart from the two previous location, a third location in the yard of OHIS factory was revealed. tIt is estimated that around 8.000 tons of this dangerous pesticide was placed here during the 70s after the lindane production and ban were banned. The location which is close to the monastery Pelenica, was visited by locals and pupils during school excursions. Since last year this depot has been closed in order to prevent people from visiting this location as the soil still hasn’t been examined.

“If the lindane has been properly sealed, maybe it is better if it is left that way. Still, the location needs to be examined in order for the condition to be determined before making a final decision. These are enormous tasks and the analyses demand enormous financial assets” said Stafilov.