Фото: Министерство за правда

After two months of bickering between political parties and blockage of the the Parliament’s work, yesterday afternoon the MPs both from the ruling party and the opposition finally managed to vote the legislation for the fifth package with anti-crisis measures to pass. The financial aid for the citizens and the companies in North Macedonia, including the payment of salaries for February and March depended on this legislation.

The fifth package with anti-crisis measures consists of financial aid for domestic companies in the amount of MKD1.9 billion, with coverage of around 60,000 workers monthly.

With 113 votes in favor and without any votes against or abstained, the MPS both from the opposition and the ruling party voted to pass the three laws in the fifth package with economic measures for aiding the citizens and the companies that were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two MPs from the majority, who arrived in hazmat suits, voted in a separate room since they were coronavirus positive. According to SDSM’s MP coordinator, Jovan Mitrevski, the infected MPs have arrived at the Parliament completely adhering to the protocols by the Infectious Diseases Commission. On the other hand, Nikola Micevski, VMRO-DPMNE’s coordinator, accused that the Constitution was violated and persons positive to COVID-19 mustn’t have arrived as they jeopardized the health of all MPs. He stressed that this is self-promotion and drama since there were enough MPs at the Parliament to vote in the economic package.