United Nations mediator in the name negotiations between Macedonia and Greece, Matthew Nimetz, in an interview with the Greek national television ERT, says there is no new name proposal and that at the new meeting, scheduled for January 17th, in New York, he will come up with various suggestions which have already been discussed in the past.

According to Nimetz, the new government in Skopje is very interested in resolving this issue.

“I think that the Greek government also recognizes that this is a good approach and a good step for Greece’s foreign policy in the region, to find a solution for this long-standing issue. For these reasons, there is a positive momentum between the two countries. I think citizens in both countries may be willing to hear certain solutions, which are of common national interest, but also, there is a certain compromise to solve it, “Nimetz said.

He also noted that there are reasons for concern in the region about certain issues, such as refugees, terrorism or instability, and that with the guidance of the international community these issues need to be resolved.