The UN’s mediator in the name dispute negotiations, Matthew Nimetz, today at UN’s headquarters after the meeting with the Macedonian and the Greek negotiator, Vasko Naumovski and Adamantios Vassilakis, announced that a solution for the name dispute can be seen which will put an end to the 27 year long dispute between Greece and Macedonia.

-I have high hopes that this process is heading in a positive direction – said Nimetz after the talks with Naumovski and Vassilakis ended.

The UN’s mediator, Nimetz said that he suggested a new proposal to the negotiators which is actually a new combination of his old ideas and he expects them to discuss them with their governments.

-This is a process that has been happening for 25 years and it is difficult to come up with something new – said the mediator.

He refused to comment the content of the proposal and said that in the forthcoming weeks he will visit both Skopje and Athens. He expressed hope that the leaders of opposition parties in Greece and Macedonia will be constructive.