Although currently both major parties deny or reject the idea they are preparing for elections, the situation on field is quite different. This speculation was strengthened by SDSM with the last event in the “Universal Hall”, which was called a forum, but which was different from all their previous public appearances. Namely, in some of the speeches (mainly in the speech of the vice president of SDSM, Radmila Shekerinska) pervaded theses and promises as on an electoral rally.

– We will not allow any one of the 12 articles of news to be ordered – said Shekerinska and let the avalanche of talks that the parties are intensively preparing for early elections.

An addition to this is the information published by META that the political parties, as well as the US Embassy in Macedonia, are intensively conducted polls on public opinion.

As before all elections, last week Nikola Gruevski awarded subsidies to farmers, settled the debt to the IMF early and announces debates. Before him, this activity was started by pro-government movement called Citizens Movement for Defense of Macedonia (GDOM) with a series of debates across the country. The title and text in the “Free Press” for alleged reconstruction of the Government which again would be led by Nikola Gruevski also looks like a test balloon to investigate certain red lines.

SDSM said that they are not campaigning for elections, but that they are campaigning the “truth about Macedonia” to be revealed.

– We are not considering elections while Nikola Gruevski is head of the Government. With these forums, we want to enable citizens to learn the truth about Macedonia. The truth about the Government. And when the requirement for a transitional government is met, we can talk about elections.

We didn’t get a response from VMRO-DPMNE, but Gruevski at the last press conference in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, in which he talked about scandal “Puch”, made clear that there won’t be early elections.

– There will be elections in Macedonia in 2018, and there won’t be early elections now – the Prime Minister said.

Ivon Velichkovski from the Liberal Party said that political parties are always campaigning, so is the case now.

– It is true that there is a campaign, but you notice that both political parties are leading internal campaign to raise the morale of the membership. It is not a campaign for elections to attract new electorate – says Velichkovski.

Marketing agency “Market Vision” say that currently there is “no frequent orders from any political party,” and their colleagues from the agency “Republic” also said that “they haven’t received any orders for campaigns and advertisements by any political party.”