Hundreds of associations, civic organizations, foundations, and networks will be demanding from the Parliament to urgently pass a Law on Prevention of and Protection from Discrimination. They reminded the Parliament today and the public that the draft law for prevention and protection from discrimination has been stuck for the past 8 months at the Parliament, while its passing has been protracted on purpose. As a result, the citizens are denied the efficient mechanisms for protection from discrimination with which they face on a daily basis.

The Romani people, women, people with disabilities, LGBT, the poor and the socially excluded persons, the various ethnic communities, sex workers, HIV infected persons, substance abusers and other different groups of patients, states the press release, are facing with marginalization as a consequence of discriminatory practices on part of the institutions and the prejudices of their surroundings. This prevents them from participating in a society under equal conditions and is generating poverty, vulnerability to violence and exclusion from all social spheres.

-By protracting and blocking the passing of this law, the Parliament is endangering the process of European integrations. The European Commission is requesting a change of the law in accordance with the standards of the European legislative since 2011- state the members of the NGO sector.

They think that the current legal solution hasn’t contributed to efficient and effective protection from discrimination and that the proposed law, among other issues, predicts a professionalization of the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination including its independence, shorter deadlines for the procedure of protection from discrimination and other novelties.