LGBTI Centar for providing support, the Coalition for “Sexual and Health rights for marginalized communities” and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Macedonia and the LGBTI United -Tetovo have condemned the statements by some of the current MPs who “by use of discriminatory speech and hate speech are degrading the LGBTI – community.”

“We find that the rhetoric for a traditional and conservative society that was present in the past years had the goal to marginalize and additionally stigmatize LGBTI people in Macedonia. We expect this sort of speech to be sanctioned and the political parties to disassociate from public statements from some of its members that are in collision with the Constitutional principle of equality for all citizens. We remind you of the promise made by the new government that it is going to be building a society for all, where the discrimination and the hate speech will be sanctioned. That is why we are issuing this reaction regarding the recent public speeches given on part of some of the current MPs” states the press release.