According to the joint assessment by the head of the DUI electoral headquarters, Bekim Neziri, and EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar, after they met today at DUI’s headquarters in Mala Recica, in the region of Tetovo, the election campaign is being conducted in a peaceful and fair atmosphere.

“His opinion was that all necessary conditions for credible and fair elections are met. But, there is still time until the 11th of December and we hope that we shall continue in the same spirit- the spirit of peaceful, democratic and fair election atmosphere”, said Neziri.

Neziri said that the EU ambassador had pointed out the nationalist rhetoric in the speeches of some political parties.

“You see, in e every election, the rhetoric slightly strengthens and this was pointed out by EU Ambassador Žbogar who appealed that there should be less nationalistic rhetoric, namely, there should be less rhetoric that, in a way, could directly contribute to elections full of tensions that eventually could escalate. However, frankly speaking, we don’t expect any escalation until the 11th of December”,  said Neziri.

This afternoon, the EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar also met with members of the electoral headquarters of the DPA.