Извор: Министерство за образование и наука

Primary and secondary school students in North Macedonia are returning to the classrooms on the 1st of September, although there was an idea for the school year to start 10 days later, that is, on the 12th of September, confirmed for Meta.mk the Minister of Education and Science, Jeton Shaqiri.

Neverhteless, as he announced, starting from the next shool year, the students are going to return to the classrooms 10 days later than now, and the school year will end on the 20th of June.

“We discussed this idea because, in some of the countries in the region, such as Albania, and Croatia, the school year does not start on the 1st of September, as is the case in our country, but later on. I would like the start of the school year to move, I am considering this, although we have to see if we can agree with SONK [The Indepmendent Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, being the representative trade union], the [other] trade unions, as well as the other institutions that depend on the dates, i.e, the State Examination Centre, which has a number of deadlines due to the many exams it has to organize, among which is the State Graduation Exam. Otherwise, I see the idea of prolonging the school year as right,“ Shaqiri said for Meta.mk.

The new teaching curriculum for the 2nd and the 5th grade of primary education will start on the 1st of September, although, as the minister says, the textbooks for these grades have not been printed yet.