The Health Ministry informs that this morning, at the Clinic of Urology two kidneys were explanted from a 46-year-old patient, who was diagnosed with brain death and the organs will be transplanted to two two patients on dialysis.

“t the moment, the first transplantation is underway of a kidney to a 35-year-old womanl who has been on dialysis, and second transplantation will follow. Unfortunately, this time, we had no appropriate heart recipient and it will not be transplanted. I give my gratitude to the donor’s family, who in the moment of their grief decided to donate the organs and to save at least two lives. It’s difficult to decide to donate the organs of the closest ones in the moments when they are lost forever. It takes a lot of strength, plenty of love and humanism to be thinking of someone’s life at the moment when losing a dear person. The people who make decisions such as this are special! We are endlessly grateful for this act that shows us once again that life can still be gifted,” said Venko Filipche, the Minister of Health of North Macedonia.

This is the second cadaveric transplantation (from a deceased donor) and the fourth dead organ donor this year.

On the 23rd of May, a heart and kidneys were transplanted from a deceased donor. Previously, four kidney transplantations from a live donor were performed.