The Public Procurements Bureau, operating as a part of the Ministry of Finance, created the Open Data platform available at the e-Nabavki website.

The new tool allows every interested party to conduct personalized analyses and research on the public procurements system or any specific institution and contracting party in the public procurement itself.

According to the Ministry of Finance’s spokesperson, Jovana Avramovska, the goal is to provide conduction of personalized analyses and give answers to many questions regarding the public procurements.

“This sort of combination of data that the system has was unavailable up until now. The direction toward greater transparency regarding the public procurement is clear. The Government of the RM made a decision to publish the full documentation of the agreements on public procurement, and that process is ongoing. Since then, more than 1700 agreements on public procurement have been published by the institutions. The goal is to create a transparent and quality public procurement system, so the citizens to get the best, for the best price from their funds,” Avramovska clarified.