Today in Idomeni a stressful and anxiety situation unfolded because of speculation earlier that day, that the Greek-Macedonia border will open. Even though the camp has began to empty since Friday, new people arrive everyday. Thousands of refugees from the refugee centers from around Thessaloniki went to Idomeni on foot with false information that the borders will be opened, unfortunately this information was incorrect. Soaked by the rain, they stood angrily around the railroad tracks and the fence in the camp.

Greek police have warned that dangerous games are being played with the refugees, for weeks now they have been tortured by the poor conditions in which they live.

Throughout the night police has been put on alert to prevent potential new protests and illegal attempts to cross the border. The Macedonian police and army have also been warned of the situation.

According to information, unknown persons suspected of being part of NGO’s or an anarchist organization, with the help of foreign volunteers, from Saturday began spreading inaccurate information among the refugees that the borders were going to open.
Many doubt that this is a new way of preparing a new mass illegal crossing and to transfer refugees through unprotected parts between Macedonia and Greece.