The government is considering all legal aspects and legal enactments regarding vaccination as a prerequisite for enrolling at kindergarten and school. The Ministry of Health has explained for Meta agency that due to certain appeasements at this moment, even the children that were not vaccinated to enroll at school, but that mustn’t continue.

-Taken into account that for several years the condition for the vaccination records to be submitted during the enrollment at kindergarten and at school, the legal possibilities are being discussed for a legal amendment to be done and at the moment there is an ongoing communication between representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labor and Social policy. The non-vaccination is causing serious risks starting from epidemics, that can have fatal consequences and is prevented by vaccination. The working group has held several working meetings with the representatives of the ministries and the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate. By not requesting vaccination records during enrollment and the diminished reach of the immunization, it brings into question the decrease of the collective immunity, which is the only condition for a successful prevention of these infective diseases. In this case, we bring vaccinated children into jeopardy and even more so those that due to age and their health condition were not vaccinated at all – stressed the Ministry of Health.

The goal is an inter-department communication and finding a longstanding solution to this problem because, as the Ministry of Health states, a further fall of the percentage of immunized mustn’t be allowed.

When an epidemics of measles was proclaimed in Skopje, upon a recommendation of the Commission for diseases, the Ministry has once again stressed that it is a disease that is prevented by vaccination and appeal to the parents to vaccinate their children.

-The citizens’ health, especially the children’s’ is a top priority for the Ministry of Health and it should be taken into account that the regular immunization creates a collective immunity. We remind that the measles can cause a difficult clinical presentation such as Legionnaires’ disease, brain inflammation diarrhea and in certain cases it can cause death. The vaccine is the only efficient and secure measure for epidemics prevention and protection of children from potentially serious complications caused by measles – reminds the MInistry.