Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski officially opened the first new electrical train of “Macedonian Railway”, bought from China.

After the opening promotion for of the Skopje Railway Station, the Prime Minister was on the train heading to Veles, accompanied by government ministers and the media.

“Today is a historic day for Macedonia Railway Transport. A whole history part of history has passed us by, no one took care to procure new trains for the citizens. It is unfortunate that no other government remembered “Macedonian Railways”, the Macedonian railway stations and its passengers, however, besides that, we are proud to start with numerous projects that will improve the overall image of the Railway in the country. Earlier this year we put 150 new transport carriages on the tracks, an investment worth 13.2 million euros. We received five new trains, a capital investment of around 25 million euros”, said Gruevski.

The new electrical train is made in accordance to the technical standards for interoperability in the EU.

– Current projects to purchase new trains and carriages, renovating the railway stations, reconstruction of the halls, as well as the reconstruction and construction of the new railway lines, represent a total investment of 600 million euros. I more than 30 years, no one has made such a capital investment. We will continue with projects such as these at the same tempo.- said Prime Minister Gruevski.