Today, civil movements “I Protest” and the “Colourful Revolution” sent a message to Parliament that they will not quit, and that their struggle will last until all of their requirements are met.
Activist Pavle Bogoevski said that today, two key things happened.

“Firstly, the Constitutional Court finally made the right decision and decided to discuss the constitutionality of the decision made to dissolve parliament. But let’s not forget that they need to make things clear about the constitutionality of the Special prosecutor’s Office.
Secondly, MPs cancelled the June 5 elections. Two key requirements of ours have been met. But does that mean we can all relax and have fun? Absolutely not! Today, the VMRO-DPMNE and DUI took more steps towards dictatorship”, said Bogoevski.

Lawyer, Mirolsav Vujik spoke to citizens, and welcomed the decision to cancel the elections on June 5, and said that now the most pressing matter is the withdrawal of President Ivanov’s pardons, and his resignation.

Protesters hurled paint at Parliament again and on the street before Parliament, they wrote “You won’t get away with this” and “We will colour everything on your list”, which in Macedonian is a very clever use of words.

Supporters of the “Colourful Revolution” and “I Protest” came out onto the streets in Tetovo, Bitola, Radovis, Prilep and Gevgelija, all demanding that the President’s pardons be revoked.