“We’re not leaving”, recommended protesters in front of the Government


For several hours, a large group of citizens, revolted by the cover-up of the murder of Martin Neshkovski, protested in front of the Government shouting “Murderers”, “Enough silence,” “Who are you defending”, “We are not little men”, “Come out Nikola”, “No to Sasho – yes to peace”, “Resignation” and “You’ll be held responsible”.

At one point they broke the police cordon and marched towards the Government.

The mother and brother of Neshkovski were in the group that tried to enter the building.

As the reporter of META corresponded, protesters descended flags in front of the Government at half-mast and threw eggs, apples and water balloons and broke two windows on the ground floor of the building.

The protest was joined by the members of the plenums.

Groups with Albanian flag also appeared. They tied the Albanian with the Macedonian flag.

There are no announcements how long the protest would last, and participants are shouting “We’re not leaving”.

Special police units blocked the entrance to the Government in order for the group of protesters to be prevented to go inside.

Audio recordings from today’s “bomb” dedicated to his murder were played at the protest.

More and more citizens are gathering in front of the Government and additional police forces also arrived at the protest.

The journalists reporting from the press conference of Minister Gordana Jankuloska were not allowed to get out of the main entrance, but were forced to go out from the underground garage.

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